Saturday, July 2, 2016

Reproduction Designs - Intermediate

Entry #1

Name of submission::    Wicked Weave
Description of your submission::               Wicked Weave is a Mikki Ferrugiaro design which builds a peyote base and turrets and weaves herringbone strands to form a bracelet. A beaded snap clasp provides the perfect closure.

I embellished the original pattern by adding an additional layer to the weave strands. By varying and combining the accent beads used on the herringbone strands, I was able to include almost all of the beads provided in the kit. I did not use the superduos. I added the druks and one additional color of 11/0 beads.

Entry #2

Name of submission::    Violet Starfire
Description of your submission::               I wanted to make a necklace that looked like little starbursts were emanating from it. Sabine Lippert has a bracelet named Bonfire that had the components I was looking for.  I wanted a craw rope so I made one as demonstrated in Cindy Holsclaw's PRAW  and CRAW webinar on Beading Daily. To attach the components I used an attachment technique I  learned from Sabine Lippert's Josephine necklace. All beads used were from the kit except the clasp. 

Entry #3
Name of submission::    Bluebells Lariat
Description of your submission::               The minute I saw Elfentalier's free tutorial for the spiral rope, I was inspired. The rope is made of superduos + twins combined with 11/0 (matte fushia) + 8/0 (lt. pink) seed beads. The designer is Elfentalier/Un-Roen Manarata.
 All the flowers are made of 11/0 seed beads in herringbone, based on a design by Shirley Lim, "Garden Delight" (Creative Beading Vol. 6).
 All the petals (green and pink) are instructions given to us courtesy of the lovely Cath Thomas - in FB group From Petal to Pod.
 The bottom rope is twisted herringbone using light and dark green 11/0's as well as pink triangle beads.
I made a short herringbone rope and connected a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing so I can place it anywhere I want along the rope.  

Entry #4

Name of submission::    Jewel of India
Description of your submission::               Necklace with embellished amulet like focal. The kit had so many different beads, I wanted to use as many as possible.I successfully used all but four. Embellished with inspiration from Lantern Lighter necklace by Laura McCabe.

Entry #5

Name of submission::    Candy Floss
Description of your submission::               A piece of jewelry that would best show off the beads in the kit. I wanted  to practice embellishment and learn new techniques .
Credit to: Rachel Nelson-Smith adapted from her beautiful piece "Phraseology"


 Entry #6

Name of submission::    Dragon's Lair
Description of your submission::               Dragon guarding her hoard of beads.

Entry #7

Name of submission::    FALL RUFFLES
Description of your submission::               My bracelet was inspired by two different designs. June Wiseman’s “Mambo” bracelet, and Jill Wiseman’s “Princess Peyote Cuff” bracelet.
I like the look of the original design of the base part of the Mambo bracelet.  I wanted to create some additional texture and dimension into my adaptation of the design, and thought a ruffle effect would achieve this. I accomplished this by using size 11/0 seed beads instead of the size 8/0 seed beads in between the triangle beads used in the original “Mambo Bracelet” design.
For my bracelet ruffles, I used Jill’s random color pattern technique from her “Princess Peyote Cuff” design by mixing up all the size 11/0 seed beads that came in my kit. I also used the size 15/0 beads that came in my kit.
In the base of my bracelet design and for attaching the clasp, I used 8 of the 15 total different beads from my kit plus some of my own beads. In total, I used 9 out of the 15 beads from my kit.
For the fringe edging, I used the Rizo beads from my kit plus eight other beads from my own stash to compliment the colors in the base. The beads I used from my stash were 3mm bicones, two colors of “O” beads, 3mm pearls, and three different colors of 11/0 seed beads.
As in Jill’s “Peyote Cuff Bracelet”, I also used a gold slide tube clasp to finish off my bracelet. 

Entry #8

Name of submission::    Autumn's in the Bag!
Description of your submission::               This purse is made using the beads supplied in the Autumn Kit, upholstery grade ultra-suede, a plastic "craft" purse form and additional beads I purchased from Amee K. Sweet-McNamara.  I had the pleasure of taking her SOS Cuff Bracelet class at my LBS and purchased a second kit.  I'm not a big cuff person, so I decided to make and apply the Soutache elements to a purse.  The three large elements on the front and back are directly from her pattern and I added the side elements, trim and O Bead embellishments. 

Entry #9

Name of submission::    Staying' Cool
Description of your submission::               My submission is a necklace and pair of earrings based on designs and components by Angie Martin and Debra Schwartz.  I used every bead in the kit except the triangles, and added 3 colors of size 6 seed beads, one size 8 seed bead, 6 14mm rivolis, 3mm fire polish (same color as in the kit) and a shiny fire polish bead.  The clasp is also a component with a snap sewn inside.  The challenge of this necklace and earring set was to choose a color that would complement all the colors in the kit and give them a cohesive look.  That color was green, and I believe it tied all the colors together nicely and gave the necklace added warmth. What I especially like about this necklace and earring set is that it is easily wearable and can be either casual or dressy.

Entry #10

Name of submission::    Secret Summer
Description of your submission::               Choker style necklace with large pendant. Woven and some stringing. Used a little bit of everything except the Rizos. This necklace is reversible for a little surprise.
Focal is Twisted Triangle from Eridhan Creations by Justyna Szlezak. The necklace main component is Swirls and Twirls as published in Bead & Button April 2015 Issue 126 by Annette Mackrel. One strand of the necklace is from Celebration by Beki Haley. Main lampwork is by Moon Stump. Surprise lampwork is by Mazet Studios.